About us

Conny Van de Voorde

I would like to introduce you to our new concept and business, namely botox, fillers and eyelid treatments. In addition, my partner Tim and I also offer botox treatments for heavy sweating.

For this we use A-products and we use the correct ratio depending on the treatment. Also, Tim, the doctor and general surgeon, is very precise and perfectionist, which guarantees accurate work and satisfactory results.

The products used are:

– Botox: Dysport & Allergan

– Fillers: teoxane

We also offer care products, such as face cream, … and …. from Teoxane.

Are you interested or do you know someone who would like to try it, please feel free to contact me.

Cordial greetings,

Conny Van de Voorde

Choosing the right treatment

At New beauty we find it extremely important that you feel good about yourself. Your comfort and safety are paramount. We take the time to listen to your concerns, answer all your questions and make sure you are fully informed about the process so you can decide with confidence about your treatment. The treatment is adapted to your specific needs to achieve the best possible results
Do you have questions or would you like more information? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to guide you through the process.

What are the risks?

Good question! Transparent communication is of paramount importance to us at New Beauty. We are therefore happy to take the time to inform you correctly about the different treatment. You choose the treatment that suits you best. Your comfort and safety are paramount.
Our aesthetic doctors have the latest techniques to ensure that the treatments run smoothly and professionally.
We provide a relaxed and familiar environment where you feel at ease.